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Academy College Misssion

Academy College’s mission is to provide our students with the highest
quality of education through career programs designed to enable
students to succeed in their career and personal development

In fulfilling the mission, Academy College has set forth the following

objectives which reflect the overall goals of the College:
  • Prepare students for academic, professional and personal
    success through quality career-focused programs that
    develop skills to last a lifetime
  • Offer a range of career programs in the Aviation, Business,
    Computer Technology, Digital Arts & Design and Medical &
    Health Sciences fields
  • Provide effective instruction and learning methods that
    strengthen student academic outcomes
  • Accommodate the diverse needs of students entering or
    retraining for the workforce
  • Aid students in developing the technical and soft skills needed
    to excel in the current job market
  • Provide an atmosphere of learning that will enhance the students’
    ability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in both
    professional and personal situations
  • Evaluate and update curricula, programs and courses in
    response to identified industry needs acquired through community
    and industry resources
  • Maintain qualified faculty members who provide high-quality
    instruction focused on a strong academic base and workplace
  • Provide faculty with the necessary resources for professional
    and personal development
  • Maintain facilities that meet the needs of students, faculty
    and staff
  • Provide appropriate educational resources and facilities to support the delivery of learning
  • Provide students with a variety of resources including, but not limited to instructional tutoring, course study sessions, online training and continued program guidance
  •  Provide on-going career services to current and graduate students through individual and group advisement sessions
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with employers ensuring graduate preparedness for industry-specific hiring requirements

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