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  Business Administration Business
  > Bachelor of Science Degree > Associate of Applied Science Degree
  > Bachelor of Science Degree - Online > Legal Office Assistant Certificate
    > Office Management Certificate
  > Bachelor of Science Degree  
  > Associate of Applied Science Degree  
  > Certificate  
Applied Management
  > Associate of Applied Science Degree  

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, employers are aggressively seeking employees who possess accounting, computer, web, and management skills. At this critical time, however, there is a small supply pool of individuals who fit this“new business employee profile.”

Academy College has over 70 years of experience preparing students to start their own businesses or contribute their skills and talents to Fortune 500/1000 companies. Academy College talks to the business community every day, carefully tracking and responding to shifting business trends and employer needs.

As a result, we have created a specialized Business program that will give our graduates the competitive edge in the ever-changing, global marketplace.

In the career areas of Professional Accounting, Management, Legal, and Business Administration, students have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor degree, an Associate of Applied Science degree, or a Certificate.

All Business students have the opportunity to develop skills in general business, finance, sales, marketing, accounting, computer science, office skills, legal and management. They develop the proper balance of professional business skills, decision making ability, and critical thinking skills that today’s business employers are seeking.

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