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Academy College students have the opportunity to use a web-based interface to complete certain courses online.  This system offers students the flexibility and convenience of taking courses to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and/or individual courses at a location and time that is appropriate for them.  Using such features as e-mail, discussion boards, chat rooms, and other interactive web-based tools, the online courses will be available for student access at any time during the term, regardless of whether the instructor or other students are also online.

Each student will be required to attend an orientation session for online programs upon registration for his/her first online course.

Is Distance Education for You?

Take the self-survey to help you decide whether or not studying online fits your needs.

Online Course Access:

A student may access his/her online course from any computer with Web access via Academy's online courses link here or in the students section of Academy College Web site (a login is required).  For optimal performance, one of the following frames-capable browsers should be used:

  • Internet Explorer (versions 5.0 or higher are best)
  • Netscape (versions 4.5 or higher are best)

Your browser must be set with Java/JavaScript enabled and to accept cookies. Note that other browsers, e.g., Opera or Firefox, are not specifically supported, but may still be used with some success.

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