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  Digital Arts & Design Computer Animation & Design
  > Bachelor of Science Degree > Associate of Applied Science Degree
    > Certificate
  Graphic Design Web Design
  > Associate of Applied Science Degree > Associate of Applied Science Degree
  > Certificate > Certificate

> Computer Animation & Design
This program begins with instruction in drawing, digital painting, and image manipulation (for 2D computer art).  The initial core of the program focuses on extensive training in high end 3D animation software on the PC computer workstation.  Students will develop skills in all facets of video effects editing, storyboarding, post production, sound, production, character animation, and 3D computer animation including 3D modeling.

Entry level opportunities include animation for TV, film, the Internet, computer games, scientific visualization, and architectural applications, with opportunities in the corporate world, entertainment, and education.

> Graphic Design
The Design component of the program prepares students for a variety of positions in freelance, print, publishing, advertising, and corporate environments.

A student's creative design talent is developed and enhanced to work with print, illustration, design, layout, and digital image manipulations.  The program focuses on design principles and the practical application of drawing to computer graphics software programs. Students are able to achieve the necessary union of creative talent and technology that is essential for the successful computer imaging profession in today's job market.

> Web Design
Academy College is meeting the challenge in today's marketplace with integrated skills from programs in graphic and web design that combines digital applications from several disciplines.  In the program, computer imagery and illustration is merged with digital video and motion graphics.  Students work on a variety of computer platforms including Macintosh and PC systems to create interactive Web sites for marketing, entertainment, e-commerce, business, and education.

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